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The Beautiful Scenery of Danxia

Danxia Scenery

Yangyuan Stone - One pillarto prop up the sky

Yangyuan Stone Scenery seperated with Zhanglao Peakscenic area by the Jin River is famous for theYangyuan Stone which is the most strange stone in the world. This area featuresthe well-preserved geological heritages and ecological environment, as wellas  the typical Danxia landforms ofstonewalls, stone pillars and stone arches, which are similar to an erect male genital in appearance.  

Shiyan Temple– a Forgotten Ancient Temple

At the midst of the thousand-yard cliff ofDanxia Mountain stands a quaint grotto temple of  thousands of history which has been sufferedfrom vicissitudes for many times. All the buildings in the ancient temple are builtin a train of caves and stone gaps at the midst of the cliff, making Shiyan Templeto be a real natural grotto temple. The temple lies in the Under layer sceneryof Danxia Mountain which is made up of threelayers of Upper, Middle and Under and Jin River Scenic Route . The core spot of tehe UnderLayer is Jinshi Stone. At dusk, you can listen to the nuns doingverspers in the temple, blending with the natural sounds of wind and water,which just likes heavenly songs to give a sacred atmosphere to the scenery.               

Fairy Home – Flying Waterfall

In the west ofDanxia Mountain Tourist Area, there is another superb view –WaterfallsLandscape with pearl-chain streams and many remarkable and marvellous naturalspots, which lies the connection of Flying Stream and Shilong Stream, about 3 km away from the White Lotus AncientStream Village. The Flying Stream lies in the Danxia Landform. The rocks are alittle loose and striked by water over years so than all the vertical drops ofthe stream will form round holes, among of which is a bottomless pit where nobodyknow where does the water into the pit flow to. water gurglingly flows alongthe stream, with the sound like many pearls falling on a jade plate. Theglittery water splanshes everywhere like diamonds.