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Hiking to Longsheng Dragon Back Rice Terrace

Dragon back Rice Terrace locates at Longsheng County, 80 km north of Guilin downtown. It gained its name because of the winding and curving terrace on the mountains, just like patterns and lines of dragons’ back. It takes about 2.4 hours on the way bybus. On the terrace, you can not only watch the marvelous terraces, but alsovisit the local small villages. Our DCT Team was invited by a local inn, calledHomelike Inn, to do a field trip to explore the new hiking routes and quiet minority villages. So, we started for the hiking trip.


After two hours' drive, we arrived at the entrance of the terrace field. What first came into oureye were the curving paths showed on the mountains and the traditional style wooden houses. Landscape became clearer and clearer when our bus is near the entrance. After enter the entrance, we walked up from a small path, which was full with handicrafts stalls along the path. There were hand-made silk scarf, silver jewelry, wooden carving, etc. What’s more, you can also purchase some local special products, such as wild grape wine, glutinous rice wine, dried chilly, cured meat, dried bamboo shoots, etc.


At noon, wearrived at our accommodation, Homelike Inn. This small family inn had received many visitors from oversea and abroad. It is said that even an ambassador of Israel lodged here and gave great comments. You may imagine that this inn has superb location, modern facilities, good service, and fancy foods. It’s not the same.This inn, made by woods, provides very simple room and facilities, just like its name homelike style. If you want to experience the local family life, Homelike Inn is a good choice. Mr. Liao, the host of this inn, is a hospitable and nice person. He served us with many local authentic dishes, which was given very high reputation by us. We were all moved by one of his behavior. A pumpkin was suddenly disappeared over one night. This reminded us a scene that we talked about this pumpkin a day earlier and said to fry this pumpkin with joke. We finally realized that Mr. Liao climbed on the roof, picked the pumpkin and fried it to dish for us. No wonder we were served by pumpkin dish in the evening. Poor pumpkin, sitting on the roof quietly himself, was disappeared because of our joke.


After lunch, we walked at the small paths on the terrace field and crossed groves. Fresh andclear air was brimming with the mountains that we were standing on. Unique geographical location makes you far away from downtown crowds, and keeps you atthe quiet landscape along. We never felt along because we are surrounded by different plants, small animals, tinkling spring water.


At the second day,we packed again and go down hill. We came across into an ancient wooden house at Zhuang minority old town. An eighty old year granny served us. She introduced her ancient wooden houses, her past husband, her family history, the route ofthe ancient house, old hunting tools, and farm tools. She even invited us totaste home-made glutinous rice wine and tea, and sang toasting song to us. We felt extremely flattered by her hospitality and all raised our tass to greeting this grandmotherly elder, wishing her long life and good health.


After two days’exploration, we left with reluctance this fictitious land of peace. This experience will never leave our mind.