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Travel in Ngari (2)-Zhari Namco

Among the peaks of Gangdise Mountains, there lies Zhari Namco, the largest salt water lake in Ngari Sanai. The lake which is almost 54 kilometers long from east to west, about 20 kilometers wide from south to north, with an elevation of 4613 meters and a total area of 1023 square kilometers is ranked the third in Tibet! 

Zhari Namco - salt water lake

Zhari Namco is a national famous wet land, as well as an excellent prairie abound in the rare done producing goats. The wide lake features distant black mountains as the background and green grasses around the lake bank; there are several kinds of wild animals such as Tibetan antelopes, kiangs and so on in knots along the lake, seeking food, or running on this lakeside wilderness.  

Zhari Namco
To the north of Zhari Namco, there lays Munuoshan Isolated Peak facing the lake. It is made up of black limestones formed at the bottom of sea 200 or 300 million years ago. To the southeast of the lake along the southern side of Munuo Peak, there is a arc sand berm extending to the isolate island in the middle of a lake. Walk along the berm to the isolated island where lava blocks strew at random. Stand on the island to look around; you can see the lake is the same as the sky in color. It is indeed a wonderful place to enjoy the lake landscape.