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Humble Administrators Garden, the symbol of Suzhou gardens

Humble Administrators Garden, representative of gardens in south regionof Yangtze River, is largest garden among Suzhou gardens. Thegarden, locates at Northeast Street in Suzhou,has reputation as one of the best four gardens in Suzhou, and also was listed as National Key Cultural Relics, National Five A Tourist Area, and World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

The characteristicsof Humble Administrators Gardenare all kinds of trees, flowers, pavilions, stone bridges, and pools. Among thespecialties, pavilions and bridges are most outstanding. The garden contains numerous pavilions and bridges among a maze of connected corridors, pools and islands.It consists by three major psectionss embracing a large lake: the central part (Zhuozheng Yuan), the eastern part (once called Guitianyuanju, Dwelling Upon Return to the Countryside), and a western part (the Supplementary Garden).The house lies in the south of the garden. Totally, the garden contains 48 different buildings with more than 100 tablets, 40 stelae, 20 precious oldtrees, and over 700 Suzhou-style pottings. Eastern Gardenis Composed by a few buildings around a central great lawn and pond combination. The lawn is surrounded by a grove of crape myrtle trees which isan allusion to the Tang Dynasty State Secretariat which was nicknamed the Crape Myrtle Department. Central Garden, this section iscomposed of many scenes arranged around the Surging Wave Pond. Within the pond three islands make the scenery of the fairy islands of the east sea.

Walking along thecorridors, you can’t help marveling at the exquisite and outstanding architectures by ancient people.

Welcome to Suzhou. Welcome to Humble Administrators Garden. You will never be disappointed by the gardens in Suzhou