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Travel in Ngari (3) From Tsochen to Renduo

Travel in Ngari From Tsochen to Renduo
The route from Tsochen to Renduo, is seldom decribled no matter marked in the map ot searched in Google; we are traveling according to the GPS track of a rider who has gone through this route last year; but we have no idea if we will miss our way or not. It can be seen from the map that we will go through several Tso-es (lakes) in this day, such as Davatso, Tarotso, Zabuye-tso, Renqingxiubu-tso and Anglaren-tso.      

The tradtional Grand-North Route is from Tsochen to Gaize and Geji via Dongtso, without Renduo,Yare and Xiongba; so there are less people round these lakes than other lakes on this way. 

Zabuye-tso, also known as Zabuye Salt Lake, is located in Zhongba County, between Pajiang and Tsochen, with a total area of 235 square kilometers and an altitude of 4400 meters. As one of the top three lithium salt lakes in the world, Zabuye-tso is abundant of various mineral substances such as mirabilite, trona, lithium, potassium, boron and so on.  

Travel in Ngari From Tsochen to Renduo Salt Lake

Although Zabuye-tso is a salt lake, there are many wild animals living around the lake, especially the special rare bird Black-Necked Crane. 
Travel in Ngari From Tsochen to Renduo hagdons

Flying hagdons at the lakeside

Travel in Ngari From Tsochen to Renduo sheperding boy

A sheperding boy is looking at us curiously

Travel in Ngari Renqingxiubu-tso

After climbing over a 4930-meter peak, we can see the Renqingxiubu-tso then.

Renqingxiubu-tso, also named “Xiuao-sto” is also a salt lake, with the elevation of 4760 meters and a total area of 200 square kilometers. There are iced-peaks standing at the bank of the lake whhere is quite beautiful and spectacular; there are also some natural pastures around the lake.  

It is also an original ecological lake, with grassland, lake, snow mountain, blue sky and white cloud all in the scene; besides, there is a small hill in the central of the lake extending to the bank, forming a half arc peninsula, which is quite outstanding in the scene.