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Li River Cruise VS Yulong River Bamboo Rafting in Guilin

The duration from March to May is said to be the best time visiting Guilin because misty rain in the Lijiang River,appears to psychedelic with tenderness, and a sense of wonder was at the timeof viewing to river, or scenery or people themselves.

The section of Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo is 83 kilometers water distance. This distance is called gallery of hundred miles landscape, which looks like Chinese link & wash painting. Guilin is most famous for Li River with the clear water, and grotesque green hills along the river. The cruise ships departfrom Zhujiang Wharf or Mopanshan Wharf from the time of 08:30 to 09:30, taking about four and half hours on the river to Yangshuo wharf. If raining in early summer, please don’t be disappointed but feel lucky for the weather, you may have chance to appreciate the most beautiful misty scenery in Li River in a whole year. That’s her charm.

Li River cruise highlights at three sections, Caoping, Yangdi, where the river hiking starts and Xingping, wherethe most famous fishing village that visited by many domestic famous state leaders and former America President Cliton. The cruise ship passes Nine-Horse Hill, Inverted Inflectionin River of Yellow Cloth Beach. The new version of twenty RMB note was taking the background from one of the hills called Yuanbaoshan in Yellow Cloth Beach. After disembarking from the ship, you will arrive at Yangshuo Wharf, where just a few walks to West Street,where you will start Yangshuo trip.

Yulong River is one of the branches of Li River, also the longest branch. You will enjoy the rural scenery along this small river, such as children playing on the winding farm paths, cattle, farmers, smoke curling up from kitchen chimney, etc. The essence of Yulong River is Bamboo rafting, not ship cruising. Rafting passes through Yulong Bridge, Fuli Bridge and Xiangui Bridge,taking four hours totally. The Li River cruise is in the morning; you can raft at Yulong River in the afternoon to enjoy afternoon glow of getting sunset. The best time to visit Yulong River is from April to November. The other difference from Li River is that visiting Yulong River should be avoided the raining day. The umbrella in the bamboo raft can’t be counted to shedding rain but the sun.

If Li River is known as a girl from arespectably noble family,Yulong Riveris like a prettygirl from a humble family. Two rivers deserve to be appreciated when if youcome to Guilin.

Li River & Yulong River cruise tour package:

1 Day Guilin Li River Cruise To Yangshuo Tour

Li River cruise tour package only:

1 Day Li River Cruise from Guilin To Yangshuo Seat In Coach Tour