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Four Holy Lakes in Tibet

Tso in Tibet means lake. There are many lakes in Tibet, small and large. All lakes are considered as holy gifts given by God. Namtso Lake means Heavenly Lakein Tibetan language. She locates in the middle of Dangxiong County and Bange County, 240 kilometers north of Lhasa. Although it takes about 4 hours from Lhasato Namtso, it’s worthy because travelers will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the highland road. Namtso has altitude of 4719 meters, 70 km length, 30 km width, and 1940 square km area. She is largest salt water lake in Tibet,second largest salt water lake in China, and the lake with highest altitude in the world. She got this name because herdsman near the lake said she looks like the lake is in the sky with high altitude. At the south side of Namtso, there is Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains with snow all year round; at north and west side, there is plateau hilly, large lakes, and grasslands. Traveler can spend one day to visit Namtso from and backto Lhasa. Onthe way to Namtso from Lhasa,you will pass through Yangbajing Hot Spring.

Basum Lakeis the holylakeofNyingma,one of the religious inTibet.Locating in Nyingchi,400 km southeast ofLhasa, she is the largest fresh water lake in east area ofTibet.Basum Lake is embosomed in hills with moderate climate, has average altitude of 3538 kemters,15 kmlong,and2.5 kmwide.Travelers can drive fromLhasa, throughLhasaBridge, and then arrive toDaziCounty, pass by Gandan Monastery and Gongbo'gyamda County, reach toBahe County. There is landmark leading to Basum Lake Area. After44 km driving away from Sichuan-Tibet highway, you will enter this area. Travelers can accommodate one night in Nyingchi and visit other attractions, such asLulangForest, Mt.Sikimna, distance view toNamcha Barwa Mountain,etc.

In one of the Tibetan Classics, nine mountains passing northIndia,there is a large snow mountain with the source water of Four Rivers. The mentioned mountain is Mountain Kailash, while the source water is justLake Manasarovar, which means invincible jasper lake in Tibetan language. The four lakes areMaquanRiver in east,PeacockRiver in south,SutlejRiver in west,Shiquan Riverin north.

Lake Manasarovar is considered the most holy and pure lake by Buddhists. She is thesweet dew from heaven. The holy water can clean anxieties and sin of people.She is the oldest and most holy please of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Bon Religion.She is considered also Shangri-La of all gods, real heaven in the universe, and paradise of all creatures in the world. The believers begins their Kailash Mountaintour near Lake Manasarovar. 

Yamdrok Lake is honored as the most beautiful water lake in the world. Yam means upper; Drok means pasture and jasper. So, Yamdrok means the jasper lake in the pasture. What’s interesting is that you will never see her full view no matter from which perspective. Her body ranges more than130 km, and can be seen the whole view only from the upper sky. She appears to be the color of rich blue with different levers by sunshine, looks like in a dream. One of her specialty is that she comes fromthe snow water ofNyenchen Tanglha Mountains,but no water outlet. The inflow from snow water and natural evaporation reach to an unusual dynamic balance. She is southwest ofLhasawith less than100 kmdistance.Yamdrok Lake, south side ofYarlungZangbo River, gains the name of three holy lakes inTibet with Namtso and Manasarovar. She has altitude of 4441 meters high,130 kmlength,70 kmwidth, and 638 sqaure km large. Travelers can visit this lake on the way to Gyantse and Shigatse. On the way, travelers will see Karula Glacier.