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Conch Gully in Sichuan Province

Conch Gully (Hailuo Valley) Forest Park,the famous national scenic area, locates at Luding County, Garze Tibetan Area of Sichuan Province. It’s 319 km from Chengdu49 km from Kangding and one of the remaining glaciers with low altitude. 

Conch Gully is classic marine low altitude glacier with 14.7 length, 16 square km, highest altitude of 6750 meters, and lowest altitude of 2850 meters. The ice fall, is found the biggest and highest ice fall in China, as highas 1080 meters and as wide as 1100 meters.

The gully contains rich flow of mineral springs, large scare ofprimitive forests, and especially high glacier peaks, and numerous animals & plants. Travelers will enjoy the splendid sight of gold-like and silver-like peaks enhancing each other.

The gully is in the Gongga Mountains area. The glacier runs down at full speed from Gongga Mountain, like a silver dragon. It’s the largest and lowest glaciers in the five glaciers in this area. Travelers can easily climb up to the glacier to have panoramic view to the grand scenery. 

As the vertical altitudes are with large difference and climate is special, there is no summer in downhill, but has rich plants and comfortable temperature. The best travel time to Conch Gully is May and June because it’s the turn of dry and rainy seasons. The yearly average temperature is about 15degree centigrade in downhill. At the top of the mountains, the yearly average temperature is 9 degree centigrade below zero. Travelers should prepare warm clothes when visit this place. The best time for sightseeing is May and June. Travelers can take long distance buses from Chengdu Xinnanmen Station to Conch Gully by five hours’ drive. There are many buses per day, starting from 08:30 am. Travel to Conch Gully can be combined with the tour to Siguniang Mountains.