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Ganzi Prefecture: a must-visit scenery along the north route of Sichuan-Tibet—Xinlu Lake

Xinlu Lake Natural Reserve-01
Xinlu Lake Natural Reserve located at thesoutheast of Queer Mountain in Dêgê Countywith a area of 16,900 hectares focuses on protecting the wetland wildlife andecosystem.

Xinlu Lake at theelevation of 4040 meters with an average depth of 10 meters and the deepest of15 meters is a famous glacial erosion lake in the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Xinlu Lake means “Jade Dragon Holy Lake”in Tibetan. It is said that King Sager’s lovest concubine Zhumu once came tothe riverside of Xinlu Lake, being deeply movedby the beautiful sceneries. She strolled along the lake, enjoying herself somuch as to forget to leave……

Afterwards, the lake has been named as “Jade Dragon Holy Lake”in honor of Zhumu’s deep love to the landscape.

Xinlu Lake Natural Reserve01Around Xinlu Lakelies the surrounding primordial, unbroken and glittering Glacier Lagoons LakesidePrairie , where is surrounded by many plateau spruces, firs, cypresses, rhododendronstrees and meadows.

The lake region is an extremly cold temperatemonsoon climate at an annual average temperature of 5.5.From the end of September the lake surface begins to freeze up to 60cm thick, and thaw at the end of March.