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Exploration to Huangshan Mountain

Thebeauty of Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) containshumanistic beauty, which can not be described in words. It endows people enjoyment and edification of beauty, no matter from the appearance of blooms all over the mountains in spring, or the way packed by snow in winter. 

Huangshan Mountain, highlights in peaks, which have thousands peaks of small and large within 154 square km. There are 6 large peaks and 36 small peaks. Lotus Peak, Bright Summit, Heavenly Capital Peak and Shixin Peak are four leading roles. The former three peaks have altitude higher than 1800 meters. Historical travelers XuXiake of Ming Dynasty had to say: “Five Mountains return do not look at other mountain, Mt. Huangshan return did not look five mountains.”

Recommended itinerary on the Mountain:

Day 1 Arrival Huangshan Mountain, take a cable car from Yungu Cable Station to covering White Goose Hill, Shixin Peak, Stone Mountain viewing Sea, Beihai Area, Dreaming Penin the Flower, Xihai Area, Dispelling Cloud Pavilion, Flying Rock.

Day 2 Viewing sunrise, visiting Bright Summit, Heavenly Sea, Hundred Step Ladder, Lotus Peak, Jade Screen Pavilion, the Pine Greeting Guests. Go downhill and enjoy Tea-Make performance.


If there is enough time, it’s worthy visiting Xidi or Hongcun Ancient Towns, two hours’ driving from Tunxi, where the town that Huangshan Mountain locates.

There are many transportations getting to Huangshan Mountain, flights from BeijingShanghai, Xian, Chengdu,Chongqing, trains from Shanghai,Suzhou, bus from Shanghai and Hangzhou etc. Huangshan tour is always combined with tour to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou.