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Phoenix Town – An Ancient Town in West Hunan

Phoenix TownWhen speaking of Phoenix Town, many people will think of the fiction Border Town written by a Chinese famous writer Congwen Shen. From his words people can learn than the ancient town is a beautiful place where has many antique suspended houses, quiet mountains, liquid Tuo River, peaceful towns; here, you can enjoy singing loud or relaxing easily and comfortably.  

When staying at Phoenix Town, you will feel that you are living in the history, as well as touching the words of Congwen Shen closely. 

Walking on the ancient city wall and touching the mottled walls, you seem to see the traces of the history; wandering along the bluestone slate alleys , you can hear melodious sings of Hmong girls from afar.   

The unadorned Tuo River is running calmly, with many bamboo rafts and small boats on the blue and glittering water. Sometimes, a boat full of visitors sails into the middle of the river, arousing waves of spay and leaving strings of laugh, which breaks the tranquility of Tuo River.

The suspended houses at the riverside seem to be natural guardians of Tuo River, keeping silent and not leaving no matter how time flies like flowing water.   

In the evening when darkness has fallen, Tuo River is still running silently, with the old watercarts at the riverside rotating slowly. The lights at both sides are lit and there are more and more silver ornaments on the street. Besides, sometimes you can hear rock music from the pubs. While many water lanterns on the river are sent far away placed people’s wishes and hopes.          

Phoenix Town is a rememberable old city made up of ancient walls, bluestone slates, green hills, running water, rafts and boats, as well as the fates of some famous people and lower-class people, fascinating to visitors.