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Guilin International Tourism Resort Construction

The Press Conference of Guilin International Tourism Resort Construction was held in State Council Information Office at 10:00 am in March 26, 2013. 

In November 2012, agreed by the State Council, National Development and Reform Committee officially replied Guilin International Tourism Resort Construction Development Planning Outline. We must say this action is another strategic decision made by the state Council at the movement of implementing West Development. 

The general requirement is to make Guilin a world-class tourism destinations, enhance urban functions, coordinate development of urban and rural areas, develop ecological environment. 

The goals of development are two. 
Firstly, we should comprehensively promote Guilin as an international tourism resort, further enhance urban service functions, improve environment, build up management system of tourism industry and public service. 

Secondly, till the year of 2020, the resort will be basically completed. Guilin will become a world-class landscape resort, an important platform of cultural and cooperative exchange of domestic and overseas, well complete public service system and transportation condition. Social undertakings have witnessed all-round development.