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The Land of Idyllic Beauty, Lijiang of Yunnan

Snow MountainLijiang in Yunan is a well-known city for us now. With the publishment of the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton in 1993, Lijing has become popular with the Western visitors. And more and more westerners like to visit here to enjoy its beauty and quiet life. 
I don’t know why I come to Lijiang, and also don’t know why I enjoy myself so much as to forget to leave here.

Some people think that it becomes too commecialized; some also regard that Lijiang is a leasure place to live; whatever, Lijiang is there truly. 

The Old Town of Lijiang also called Dayan Town locates at the middle section of Lijiang Dam, with Mount Xiang and Mount Jinhong to the north, Lion Rock to the west and miles of farmlands and fields to the east and south. Lijiang is the second batch of historical cities approved in China, as well as one of Chinese old cities listed as World Heritages by UNESCO.

In the ancient Hengduan Mountain Range lies three great rivers, two of which run to the south; while only the one in the east turning a round of 270°runs to the east across the vast land of China of more than 6300 kilometers and finally into the East China Sea; that is the upper stream of Yangtze River – Jinsha River. At its turning point, the water feeds an old town of 800 years hidtory – Lijiang. The water of Jinsha River flows into the city which is embraced by the snow mountain and Jinsha River along the elaborate water system designed by the ancient inhabitants of the city. The people are living in Lijiang generation after generation, leading a quiet life in the land of idyllic beauty.