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Xitang Ancient Water Town

As one of Six Ancient Water Towns in south of Yangtze River, Xitang Ancient Town locates in the junction of Shanghai, Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province, got her reputation the same with others like Zhouzhuang, Luzhi, Tongli, Wuzhen and Nanxun. The town has total 1.04 square km and popularity of 86, 000. Xitang belongs to Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province. 

The biggest difference from Xitang to other towns is that there are always corridors on the streets by waterways. It’s similar to the gallery in Summer Palace in Beijing. So, traveling in Xitang, you won’t either get wet in rainy day, nor basked under sunny day.

Bridges in Xitang

You will find many stone bridges here, connecting two sides by waterways. There is a very classic picture poses. A pair of couples, standing on the top of the bridge, and holding an umbrella, staring afar, photographer takes pictures from one side of street. Visitors standing on a bridge, can not only see shops and houses atboth side, but also the winding waterways and passing by boats. The brides here can be considered witness previous and present life in Xitang. They are just there, silently. 

Long Corridors

The long corridor is a must-enjoy symbol by everyone who visits Xitang. It has total 877 meters’ long. Yongning Bridge, the most important communication line, connects this misty rain corridor and ever prosperous and famous shopping street, the West Street

Shopping West Street

You will see how popularthe street is from popularity density. Visitors are able to buy all kinds of items here, such as accessories, post card, silk, pearl, tea, etc. 

Travel Tips toXitang:

1 There are many shuttle buses from Shanghai and Hangzhou to Jiashan County everyday. Arrival at Jiashan BusStation, travelers can find bus No. 215, which heads to Xitang.

2 NO entrance fee charged after 17:00.