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President No. 7 on Yangtze River Cruise Tour

President No. 7, the world’s biggest inland river deluxe cruise ship, set her virgin voyage on Yangtze River on April 10, carrying more than 400 passengers of home and overseas. The cruise ship sailed from Fengdu Ghost City in Chongqing and reached Yichang, finishing her virgin travel on international golden travel route on Yangtze River.

President No. 7 has length of 146 meters, width of 20 meters, and passenger’s capacity of at most 580 people. President No. 7, also called Giant of inland river cruise ships, is well-equipped facilities and rated mobile super five stars hotel. She is bigger and much deluxe than the previous one, President Prime. 
Due to the higher and higher level of science and technology, although this cruise ship is bulky, she offers safer and much comfortable experience to passengers. 
Along with the much convenient transportation and promotion of Yangtze Cruise, lots of tourists flock to cruise tour. At present, the intention of Yangtze cruise tourhas become leisure tour than exploration one. 

Downstream schedule lasts for 4 days / 3 nights, from Chongqingto Yichang every Wednesday. Upstream schedule lasts for 5 days / 4 nights fromYichang to Chongqing every Saturday. For detail information, please Contact Us. DCT will customize a perfect itinerary for you. Or you are welcome to book this ship directly from HERE