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2013 China Xian Halal Food Tourism Festival

2013 China Xian Halal Food Tourism and Malaysia Halal Food Festival was opened on 30th May. Food from Malaysia gathered in the north gate Fengqing Street.

Delicious Malaysia Halal Food

In the festival, there are durian cake, cookies, mini crispy fruit, fish from Malaysia,  and liangpi, bubble, such as Shaanxi specialty, let a person can't help but want to taste it. As well, there is performance in the Chenghuang Temple. People taste delicious food, listening to the music, it is very pleasant.

Feature Dancing  Trying Halal Food
As known that the festival holds by the lotus Lake District government, city tourism bureau, the municipal foreign affairs office, Malaysia industry of agriculture and agricultural base, before June 12, citizens and tourists can go visit and taste food.