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Chongqing Republic Street become popular tourists spots

Chonging Republic Street 01

In 2013 March, Chongqing rebuild film television city, which covers an area of about 70 acres, rehabilitation of old Chongqing building 66 houses.

In order to attract more tourists, since this year, China held in customs street performances, sedan chair lift, guess riddles written on lanterns, Sichuan opera performances, exhibitions of snacks with Chongqing cultural characteristics of the activities of a total of 8 times; introduces Tianjin snuff, Xiefuchun Rouge gouache, old, and handmade paper-cut, sugar Guandao, clay and other non-material cultural heritage characteristics of folk merchants settled in, also introduced the camping, barbecue, a late-night movie night leisure and recreational activities. This year "five one" period, the Flying Tigers theme hotel opened near the Customs Bar and has nearly 20 suites.

 Chonging Republic Street 02

At present, the street two periods started planning and design work. The two stage will be an area of about 100000 square meters, strengthen creative business, commercial art, leisure tourism, high-end residential plate. The architectural style is still the main building of the Republic of China, Bayu construction subsidiary, and the layout of Chaotianmen, the Cathedral Square, spiritual fortress Cross Street landmark buildings and the houses on stilts, the embassy district, the ancient city wall and other characteristics of buildings. The two phase of the project fully completed in 2015.