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The 2013 Xinjiang Ili Tianma International Tourism Festival

From 10th – 13th, July 2013, Zhaosu "Xinjiang Ili Tianma International Tourism Festival" are going held in Ili , Xinjiang Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The festival will be the super equestrian endurance and speed competitions, million mu of rape photography contest, unique grassland wedding experience, Ken Ay Tes, the food festival, "trapeze" VS "Tianma" 100 meters wars schedule.


Ili Scenery 01

Ili Scenery 02

Xinjiang Yining Huocheng County, a live up to one's name Lavender city. There are tens of thousands of acres of purple lavender sea, the air waft everywhere soft fragrance, from June to August is the best season to enjoy lavender.

Ili Scenery 03