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Guilin Huixian Wetland

Guilin Huixian Wetland is situated at three towns of Lingui County in Guilin, including Huixian Town, Sitang Town and Yanshan Town. It is called the kidney of Guilin. According to historical materials, the wetland area was 65 square km before 10th century of Song Dynasty. It reduced to 25 square km in 1950's. There were only 20 lakes and ponds remained in the wetland. At present, the area is only 6 square km. The local government is suspending the plan of converting cultivated land to wetland.  

As the most typical heartland of tropical needle karst in globe, Huixian Wetland is very rare karst wetland around by small hills. This wetland combining narrow valleys of peak clusters along Li River and broad valleys of Dragon River comprise Guilin natural landscape. 

With great expectation, DCT visit Huixian Wetland in the end of July, when lotus flowers blossoms. We enjoyed the serenity of sunny summer. It was lucky to have cooling weather, fresh air, clear water and beautiful clouds after a rainstorm. It was only regret that the blossoming lotus flowers became fallen and scattered after rain with only buds remained standing. We were boating crossing green lotus leaves, spikes of rice and bulrush. Then we came across with foraging wild ducks, distanced peaks, and rainbow on clear sky. We all felt that this is one of the best things we can have in life.