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Zhouzhuang Water Town

Built in the year of 1086, Zhouzhuang Ancient Water Town got her name because the Quanfu Temple in the town was donated by Digong Zhou. So, this town was named Zhouzhuang. Zhuang means village or manor. In Apring and Autumn Period, Zhouzhuang was a territory of king of Wu State. It’s now one of the six ancient towns in southern region of Yangtze River. In 2003, Zhouhzuang was listed as Chinese Historical and Cultural Town. There are many famous scenic spots, such as Quanfu Temple, Southern Lake, Former Residence of Shen, Fuan Bridge, Double Bridge, the Hall of Shen, Strange House, etc. 

The residents in Zhouzhuang are happy and luck to live here generations of generations. How many people are dreaming to dwell here and avoid from noise of cities. Staying in hostel, travelers can feel how the taste of water town intruding into every room and every corner. Tasting home cooking dishes made by local granny, drinking specialty made water wine, walking through paved roads, standing on old bridge, you will feel like a time traveler, who is back to ancient times. 

Zhouzhuang is 37 km away from Suzhou, 70 km from Shanghai. After building g of Huqingping highway, it takes only 45 minutes from Shanghai to Zhouzhuang for driving.