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Four Famous Summer Resorts in China

Dalian PicEast: Dalian
Dalian is a part of China's three northeastern provinces and lies in the southernmost of Liaodong Peninsula. It is not quite hot in summer and not very cold in winter, with an annual average temperature of 10℃. At present, it is the best season to visit Dalian which boasts four famous scenic spots such as the South Scenic Coastline, Lvshunkou Scenic Zone, Jinshitan Spot and Ice Valley Scenic Area and many attractions including Jinshi Beach, Lvshun, Ice Valley, Star Bay, Tiger Beach and so on.   

Lijiang Pic
South: Lijiang
Lijiang is Plateau Southwest Monsoon Climate with low temperature and big temperature difference between day and night. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Lijiang where boasts many beautiful attractions including Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Spruce Meadow, White River, Shuhe Ancient Town and Black Dragon Pool, as well as the ancient town of Lijiang.

West: Lhasa
Lhasa which means “Holy land” or “Buddha land” in Tibetan has been being the center of politics, economy, culture and religion the Tibet Autonomous Region. It is one of the highest cities in the world. Due to its very high elevation, Lhasa has a cool semi-arid climate with frosty winters and mild summers. The city contains many culturally significant Tibetan Buddhist sites such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and Norbulingka palaces.

North: Harbin Harbin
Harbin known as “Small Paris in the Orient “ and “Pearl on the swan neck" not only breeds the history and culture of the northern minority nationalities of China, but also is a famous city blending different cultures at home and abroad. It boasts many places of interest such as Harbin Confucian Temple, Jile Temple, Sun Island, Manchurian Tiger Park, Erlong Moutain, and Jade Spring Game Land and so on.