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A Bite of Hong Kong (2)

No.2 Recommendation 
Yung Kee's roast goose
Yung Kee has been around since the 1940s when it was a mere food stall near the ferry pier and has since grown to be the authority on Hong Kong roast goose.

Today, nine out of 10 people will recommend friends visiting Hong Kong to have a meal at Yung Kee for their 'siu ngoh.' The restaurant will even specially pack their goose as carry-on luggage for departing travelers. It isn't the cheapest by a long way and some may say that the most authentic roast duck is still to be found deep in the New Territories, but its an institution not to be missed.

I was told this is where the best roast goose is served in Hong Kong and that people flock to this restaurant to taste the famous dish by its owner-founder long time ago.Upon arrival at the restaurant past dinner time at around 9 pm, its surprised to see that the place is still packed with people on all four floors. The generous hosts for the dinner order mashed winter melon and seafood soup and roast goose.The highlight absolutely is the famous roast goose in Yung Kee. On my first bite, the meat burst with flavors that you know it has been cooked well. It was tender and tasty as others had vouch it to be. It's heavenly dining experience at Yung Kee!

No.3 Recommendation Egg tart
Like many classic Hong Kong food dishes, the origins of the egg tart are a bit murky, but it seems likely that they are yet another example of British tea time snacks -- custard tarts, in this case -- that were adapted to local Chinese tastes.

Since they became popular in the 1940s, two varieties of egg tarts have emerged: one with a flaky puff pasty shell and another with a sweet shortbread crust. Both are filled with a rich custard that is much eggier and less creamy than English custard tarts or Portuguese pastéis de nata. 
Original in Macao, getting world famous from Hong Kong. There are many bakery or Cha Chaan Teng got its own brand Egg tart. But I highly recommend this Tai Cheong Bakery. The bakery is made famous by HK last British governor, Chris Patten who describe their egg tart as the best egg tart he has ever tasted. Therefore, TC egg tart is also known as " Governor's egg tart". 
Its address is 35 Lydhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, China (Central) which is not difficult to find.