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A Bite of Hong Kong (3)

No.4 Recommendation Congee
It's the Hong Kong food we crave when we're sick, cold or missing home. And the deciding factor is texture over flavor. Known for its assortment of fresh fish congee, Sang Kee Congee  restaurant has customers lining up everyday for its fleecy rice porridge boiled from 2am every morning. Portions are large enough to keep an average, middle-aged man satisfied.
Sang Kee, which is a time-honor brand of congee in Hong Kong. It would be a shame to leave Hong Kong without trying the local Cantonese style congee in Hong Kong. 

It started out as a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Burd Street (near to Sheung Wan MTR, exit A2) serving traditional Cantonese-style congee (for which it became famous). It has since expanded to 3 shop fronts in the same block, serving beef noodles and fish noodles. The congee comes in 2 serving sizes, a small serving is enough for most appetites, and is priced slightly cheaper than the menu price (which is for large servings). There's a mind boggling list of various combinations of ingredients, so take your time to read the menu. Its location is easy to find. At Burd Street is a tiny/short street next to Jervois Street, near the Hillier St intersection. By the way, this restaurant closes by 6pm and doesn't open on Sundays.

No.5 Recommendation 
Snake soup from Ser Wong Fun
Snake soup is considered a delicacy in the city, as traditionalists believe it wards off colds and other maladies. One of the best places to try it is Ser Wong Fun, which has a 115-year history of serving snake soups. The snake meat is shredded into thin white strips and served in a broth of mushrooms, seafood and lemon leaves. The place is a little shabby and always very packed but the experience is quintessentially Hong Kong.

Ser Wong Fun is an old establishment in Central, having survived around 60 years in the restaurant business. Ms Ng overtook the place from her parents and has kept its tradition, meaning friendly service and old style dishes such as Duck Liver Sausage, Lean Pork Sausage and Snake Banquet Soup.
Snake Cuisine Expert! Dare to try? Note its location, 30 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong, China (Central)