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Shopping in Hong Kong (2)

Hong Kong as a international city, all kinds of new trendy stuffs are all getting together here for its holics. Sports Goods & Fashion Accessories, Gold and Silverwares, Dresses and Leather Wares and so on. Shops of identical category are usually clustered in a per-street-basis in Hong Kong. Nathan Road in Kowloon is for gold; Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mong Kok is for audio and video equipments; and Hollywood Road is famous for its antique shops. Ladies Street, the most famous shopping area in Mong Kok, is a must for most tourists. Clothes, clothing accessories, and leather wares are inexpensive but always trendy. The highlight starts at dusk until around 10 o'clock in the evening if the weather permits. Shops and stands at back streets must not be forgotten either where cheaper pairs of shoes and CDs could be sought out. Colorful shops and endless dai pai dongs will be great fun for those who want to taste and relive the experience of old Hong Kong.

In all of them, Citygate outles in Dongchong is the first outlet mall in Hong Kong, Citygate Outlets is home to more than 80 international brands offering yearly discount of at least 30% to 70% on designer fashion, sports, beauty, accessories, children’s wear, and home items. There’s also a spa, multi-screen cinema, cool restaurants, and Asia’s largest outdoor kinetic fountain. Located approximately 10 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport.

DCT tips for shopping in Hong Kong:
1. Bargaining can be fun in small shops and markets. As the Chinese saying goes, 'Compare three shops before buying', and remember to drop by different shops to check the average prices first.2. Before shopping you should know more about the articles you want, including model, features, prices and accessories and the regional coverage of the warranty before you make a decision to buy it.3. Please inspect products before paying and ensure you have all the accessories that should be included.4. Most restaurants accept credit cards. We suggest customers keep the records. Some credit cards companies or banks may charge a currency-exchanging fee for overseas purchases. Please check before use.

5. Keep well your receipts.

6.There are many Hong Kong discount Cosmetics, what are the origin of Malaysia, the Philippines, not Italy or France, Germany and Switzerland the local product, so super-cheap, general cargo make a genuine 6 fold to 7 fold, no gifts, send gifts in the country can add up and in Hong Kong to buy the same.

7. In Hong Kong, cosmetics often discounted! This is very common,Hong Kong discount Usually just after the peak Christmas period, the end of January, the maximum discount had never been seen, is succulent when shopping!!

8. Hong Kong Ladies selling clothes, the Pearl River Delta factories are from the mainland end of a single foreign trade goods, and even the clothes are shoddy, do not waste time to buy street clothes.