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One day tour to Stone Forest in Kunming, Yunnan

Stone Forest is one of the most famous scenic spots in Yunnan Province, 78 km southeastern from Kunming downtown. It’s honored as the world’s wonder, World’s Natural Heritage, World’s Geological Park. Yoji, one member of DCT teams decided to spend one day to visit the Stone Forest since the CITM was finished.

After receiving tour guide’s call, Yoji was full prepared and ready to go. At about 08:20, he was picked up by tour guide and driver at last due to the rush hour in Kunming. It takes about one and half hours from hotel to the spot. On the way, the guide explained and gave many tips to the tourists regarding the precautions, guidance, and so on. It was about 10:10 upon arrival the entrance. For the sake of protection, the vehicle outside is forbidden to drive into the spot. Tourists should transfer to a battery car at a pointed place.

Once entering the entrance, several eye-catching Chinese characters of World’s Natural Heritage jumped into sight. There are small stone forest and large stone forest. This tour was beginning from Large Stone Forest, which has an eagle as dividing line. The large stone forest is known as danger and odd but became unique not dangerous leading by the tour guide.

Then, a larger Chinese character Stone Forest came into sight. It was uneasy to find a good place to take some pictures because lots of tourists gathering here for good pictures too. The best view place is Wangfeng Pavilion, which was the next attraction. Once upon arrival to the pavilion, magnificence, sturdiness, and grandness of stone forest were all held. Comparing large stone forest, the small stone forest looks much like a royal garden, composing by lotus pool, stone of husband and wife, etc.

The last attraction came to Ashima, who was a beautiful and kind-hearted girl in Yi Nationality. There is a brand of cigarette called Ashima, a famous cigarette in Yunnan. The tour guide wouldn’t enter the Ashima attraction because tourists need to explore the attraction and find the highlights of the Ashima attraction by themselves. Yoji didn’t give any tips to this attraction because it requires you to explore it personally.

Yoji was in the Ashima Spot.

After visiting this spot and following by a lunch, Yoji’s Stone Forest tour was complete. His one day trip to West Hill and Dragon Gate is coming soon!