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Charming Yangshuo

Tours in Guangxi – the Charming Yangshuo

(1) Take a ferry-boat
Yangshuo Li River
In the afternoon of arrival at Yangshuo,
we hired a moutain bicycle respectively to ride tens of miles,
visiting the villages and enjoying the beautiful landscape on the way.  
 As it was a little tired to ride bicycle on the first day,
we decided to hire a electric car instead.
Hence, we have spared more time to take photos.
   It was a nice day with bright sunshine, clear skies and whilte clouds.

We had a nice time in Yangshuo and took a lots of photos there.
Although it is just a small town, the landscape is so beautiful
that we enjoyed ourself so much as to forget to leave there. 
No wonders that it is said locally that “the beauty of Guilin lies in Yangshuo”.

(2) Rafts at the bank
 Raft in Li River
Combined with the hardworking of the boatmen,
as well as tourists’ joy and laughter and
all the memories of the green hills and clear waters……
the rafts are called at the river bank,
waiting quietly for the next sailing
(3) Footpaths among fields
 footpath among field
There are many winding footpaths among the green fields.  
As the non-native persons, we almost don’t know
where is the beginning of the fields and where is the end.   
The fields are surrounded by the typical karster landforms,
which are image brand of Guangxi endowed byu the god. 

(4) The Moon Hill
If you ride a bike around the hill, you will find out a magic fact
that the shape of the round hole in the misdst of the hill will be changed like a moon;
hence, the hill is named as “Moon Hill”. 
Many people was taking a fire balloon
to have a bird's-eye view of the panorama of Yangshuo.
I believe that it must be wonderful to take aerial photos on the balloon;
however, it was too late for us to do so.
I really hope I can enjoy it next time. 

(5) Big Banyan Tree
 Banyan Tree
As a site that charges admission, the Big Banyan Tree is indeed a favor
 endowed to the Yangshuo people by the god.
The tree is so magnificant that
I cannot take it by my wide-angle camera when being close to it.
There is also a Banyan tree in Shenzhen
where is a fixed eating place for people to gather and
appears insignificant when compared with the Big Banyan Tree in Yangshuo.