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Dukezong Ancient Town in Shangri-La Was on a Big Fire

According to the report, Dukezong Ancient Town in Shangri-La of Yunnan Province was on a terrible fire on Jan 11th, 2014. It’s said that the fire was caused from a small hostel and getting spread at wind’s convenience. The real cause of fire is unknown and under investigation. As soon as the fire was on, local armed policy and firefighters went to the town at once. Until 22:00, the fire was finally extinguished. By the primary estimate, 335 households were damaged, 242 buildings were burn, and part of relics was destroyed, like Tangka.

Dukezong Anxcient Town on fire

Dukezong Ancient Town after fire

The fired area was the core area, which is called Square Street. The houses here were intensive; roads were narrow. All the situations were disadvantages for firefighting trunks get inside to implement rescue. Recently, the night temperature in Shangri-La is between - 7 ℃ and 7 ℃. The water was almost frozen. Thus the rescue time last about 10 hours.

Dukezong, mysterious and beautiful Moonlight Town, was an important transportation junction of Tea and House Ancient Road. The core area of the town, called Square Street, of 1300 year’s history, was gone in a smoke. January is low tourism season in Shangri-La. Without the fire, Dukezong Ancient Town was peaceful and saintly with bright moonlight and snow on the rooftop of each house, with the simple people sitting in front of the house and chatting aside of warm fire. Melodious Guitar sound seemed to be hearing from afar. But now, the town looks grey and ashes. What lucky was that there is no injuries or deaths reported in the fire because of the efficient work by local government. Local policy is still attempting to maintain the order and prevent damage, while also distributing foods, water and necessity to the people affected. Shangri-La government is now reinforcing and devoting efforts to implement the security and protection of fire.

Dukezong Ancient Town before fire

Dukezong Ancient Town before fire