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A Bite of China II First Episode

A Bite of China II
In 2012, A Bite of China, a food documentary, ever touched billions of Chinese, brought Chinese unlimited source of fascination for foods. In this April, CCTV brings the second season back. The second season has eight episodes, which last 50 minutes. Comparing the first season, the second season covered larger scale of scope, contained much more local delicacies, spent longer time and harder efforts on shooting.

A Bite of China not only presents us plenty of festive foods all over China, but also evokes Chinese inmost emotion, especially homesickness. For the first episode of Footstep, we will follow the rushing people, taste up and downs, good and bad with them.

Foods in Footstep: Yak-Butter Honey, Stuffed Mushroom, Rice Flower Fish, Toufu Pudding, Shandong Pancake, Shanxi Noodles with Ingredients, and the like.

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