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Tips before depart to Mt. Siguniang

Mt. Siguniang offers a break-taking view. Well-planed tour can avoid trouble. Discover China Tour consultant coule help you on program planning. Here we could help you to get some idea about travelling Mt. Siguniang Scenic Area.

How to go?

220 KM from Chengdu to Mt. Siguniang Town (the town is also called Ri Long, it is the nearest town to Mt. Siguniang, altitude: 3100 M), only way there is by vehicle (private transfer will take 4.5 hours driving).

Except taking Discvoer China Tour Package, you could Take a seven-hour public bus from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station to Mt. Siguniang, costs CNY163.

Itinerary Plan:

1. There are 3 valleys of Mt. Siguniang to regular visitors, here is the information could help you to plan.

Shuangqiao Valley
Changping Valley
Haizi Valley
Visiting Duration
0.5 - 1 days
1 - 2 days
1 - 2 days
Visiting Transportation
shuttle bus

hiking (parts with wood path, relatively flat)

horse riding

trekking (up and down the mountains)

horse riding


peak(1/4-30/11): RMB80

slack(1/12-31/3): RMB50

peak(1/4-30/11): RMB70

slack(1/12-31/3): RMB50

peak(1/4-30/11): RMB60

slack(1/12-31/3): RMB40
Transportation Fee

Entrance - Lamasery Bus: RMB20

Horse ride:

Lamasery - Erdaoping: RMB50

Lamasery - Xiaganhaizi Lake: RMB100

Lamasery - Lianghekou: RMB150

Horse ride:

Entrance - Guozhuangping: RMB50

Entrance - Chaoshanping: RMB50

Entrance - Laoniuyuanzi: RMB100

Entrance - Dahaizi Lake: RMB150


1. Easy to travel

2. Forest and jokul view

3. Chinese larch forest

1. Mt. Siguniang is in 16 km of the valley

2. jokul, stream and forest

3. wood path from Lamasery to Kumutan

4. Campsit Muluozi on foot of Mt. Siguniang

1. Alpine meadow and pasture

2. best piont to full view Mt. Siguniang

3. Haizis (alpine lakes and marsh)

Store and rest room
Before Laoniuyuanzi, yes

2. To special interest visitors, here is the advices:

Things to do

1. In Muluozi of Changping Valley

2. In Laoniuyuanzi or Dahaizi Lake of Haizi Valley

Entrance of Haizi Valley to Huahaizi Marsh

From Entrance of Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley,111km
Mt. Daguniang (altitude 5025 M) or Mr. Erguniang (altitude 5276 M) via Haizi Valley
 2 days
7-12 hours in one day
2-3 days
2-3 days
Star and End
Mt. Siguniang Town
Mt. Siguniang Town
Mt. Siguniang Town
Mt. Siguniang Town
Indigenous guide
Had better have
Had better have
Must have
Must Have high elevation guides
Had better have
Must have
Must have
Must have
Physical demands
Heath, no special request
3100 - 3680 M
3100 - 3700 M
3100 - 4668 M
3100 - 4300 - 5025/5276 M

What to take?

1. Clothing:

Day and night emperature differences are large and ultraviolet ray is strong, please take enough clothing and they had better anty ultraviolet ray. Sun glass and sun cream are must.

(1) To regular visitors:

Summer: pants, T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, raincoat, jackets.
Winter: pants, fleece jackets, long sleeve shirt, raincoat, thick down, water-proof shoes, hat, scarves.

(2) To special interest visitors: please take all outfits you should use. Further information please check the packages accordingly.

2. Medicine:

(1) Altitude sickness medicine: the average sea level of Mt. Siguniang reaches 2900 meters to 3800 meters. Taking the medicine one day before arriving at high altitude increases effectiveness. You can take Rhodiola rosea capsule 10 days before entering Tibet or Rhodiola rosea oral solution 5 days in advance.

(2) Motion sickness medicine: if you may have motion sickness on long mountain road journeys.

(3) Anti-diarrhea medicine: Tibetan food is very different from what you are probably used to, and it may not agree with your digestive system.

(4) Other medicines include: analgesic, cold medication, antipyretics, etc.

3. Food and beverage:

All commodity prices in Mt. Siguniang Town are much higher than Chengdu, and there is no restaurants in the valleys or mountains. So, if you could, take as much as possible food and beverage you like to eat with you. Especially fruits and vegtables (such as tomatos and cucumbers).

Accommodation & Restaurant:

There are many hostels, guest houses run by local people, the accommodations are with shower, bathroom, rest room and electric blanket; some guest houses could offer standard room with private bathroom and air-condition; they could also offer local style of breakfast, lunch and dinner if you request.  The best hotel in Mt. Siguniang Town is Jiarong Sunshine Hotel, it is 3 star standard and located near Changping Valley.  You could choose to stay in Mt. Siguniang Town or Changping Village, easy to go to every scenic spots. There are also restaurant, local BBQ, night market in Mt. Siguniang Town run by local people, one more time remind you "eat less, here is with high altitude".