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Amazing China for Minority Tourists - Dandong

You never think about you could get these views in Dandong, a northeast China Border City. Where is Dandong? It is located in the southeast of Liaoning Province; Sinuiju of North Korea is just crossing Yalu River of Dandong.
To most the Chinese people, here is the gateway to enter North Korea, which remind us back to 1960 - 1970 period of China. But here, we will show you a really different Dandong a "Shagri- La in North of China".

Let's enjoy amazing views in the coming season: summer and autumn in Dandong:

Photo was taken in Lv River ( Green River) of Dandong

This photo was taken in Yalu River in Kuandian County.

This canola field is in Lvjiang Village by the side of Lv River.

Now is the beast season to Lv River, you could get great view.

Lvjiang Village, local residents are faming and fishing there.

Another photo was taken in Yalu River in Kuandian County.

This is Fenghuang Mountain of Dandong (Phoenix Mountain).

Another photo was taken in Fenghuang Mountain.

This work was taken in Hun River.

Hun River Bend, amazing view.

Autumn of Pushi River in Kuandian County.

One more red maple leaf view.

Thank you for watching!

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