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Guilin Yulong River Upstream Winter Hiking to Swallow Lake of Fairyland

Guilin Karst landscape is the representative of Chinese landscape, and the upstream of Yulong River is a pretty but not popular program to local people. Today, we are enjoying our 3 hours field hiking along Yulong River.
We hiked by way of
Yulong Bridge - Jinlong Bridge - Fuli Bridge - Tortoise River - Phoenix Bridge (have lunch in a farm hourse near the bridge, Zhuqiao Village) - Swallow Lake (Fairyland Scenic Area)

Yulong Bridge, Fuli Bridge and Phoenix Brige are all rainbow type single arch stone bridges. Yulong Bridge was built in 1412 A.D., Fuli Bridge and Phoenix Bridge do not have exact history record, but they are all really beautiful with the landscapes and villages. It is a nice day!

View from Yulong Bridge

We hiked from Yulong Bridge

Upstream along Yulong River, we arrive Fuli Bridge, another arch bridge

Tortoise River is a tributary of the upper Yulong River

Phoenix Bridge across Tortoise River

We have lunch in this farm hourse near Phoenix Bridge, in Zhuqiao Village

We pass by Swallow Lake, the parking of Fairyland Scenic Area is not far away. This is the end of the hiking