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7 Days West Sichuan Ngawa and Garze Tour To Mt. Siguniang, Danba, Hailuogou Glacier And Hot Spring

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7 Days 3 Cities: Chengdu,Ngawa,Garze 11 pics
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Day 1: Depart from Chengdu at 9:00 am, drive through Mt. Balang, arrive Rilong Town on the foot of Mt. Siguniang around 3:00 pm.(220km / 6 hours driving)


Your guide and private vehicle driver meet you at your Chengdu hotel at 9:00 am, depart for Mt. Siguniang. On the way, we will go through Yingxiu Town, where is the center of megaseism on May 5th, 2008, we could take a look how is this area now; and then, we will pass puerto of Mt. Balang (altitude 4,481 meters), we will have a short stop at the puerto to enjoy the beauty of Mt. Balang. We will arrive at Rilong Town (altitude 3,160 meters) around 3:00 pm is the traffic condition is good.
We will check in and take a rest, and then drive to Maobiliang (Cat's Nose) at 5:00 pm to enjoy the panorama of Mt. Siguniang and watch the sunset. If you are lucky, you will see the splendid golden light of sunset on the peak of Mt. siguniang, it is amazing!
Note: Maobiliang is on the way from Mt. Balang to Rilong Town, about 2 km away from the town. So if the weather is good on our way, we will stop and enjoy the full view of Mt. Siguniang in Maobiliang, and then drive to the hotel.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Mt. Siguniang Gyalrong Sunshine Hotel*** (the best hotel in Rilong Town)

--Mt. Balang: at an altitude of 5,040 meters, it is a congelifraction mountain, so the shape of the mountain is jagged, no plants, rocks are everywhere.

--Mt. Siguniang Scenic Area: it is also be called Mt. Four Girls Scenic Area. The scenic area include 1 mountain and 3 valleys, 1 mountain is Mt. Siguniang, and 3 valleys are Suangqiao Valley (Twin Bridge Valley), Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. The "four girls" are 4 peaks of Qionglai Mountains which is the east part of Hengduan Mountains; from north to south, you will see Mt. Yaoguniang  (Youngest Girl, altitude 6,250 meters, main peak), Mt. Sanguniang (the third girl,altitude 5,664 meters), Mt. Erguniang (the second girl, altitude 5,454 meters) and Mt. Daguniang (the older sister, altitude 5,355 meters). The shape of Mt. Yaoguniang is really nice, it is also be called "Alps in the east".

--Maobiliang: translate directly means "Cat's Nose", here is the best spot to enjoy the full view of Mt. Siguniang. If no cloud and mist, you could see four girls from your left hand to right hand. Here is also the best place to watch sunrise and sunset; the splendid golden light of sunset on the peak of Mt. siguniang.

Day 2: All day tour to Changping Valley


After breakfast, we will star the all-day tour to Changping Valley at 9:00 am. Today we will walk throught forest, Hai Zi, water falls and visit a Gyalrong Tibetan village - Zhangmu.

Meals: Breakfast,Lunch(simple lunch), Dinner

Accommodation: Mt. Siguniang Gyalrong Sunshine Hotel*** (the best hotel in Rilong Town)

--Changping Valley: it is located to the north east of Rilong Town, the valley totals 29 km, cover an area of 100 square kilometers. Here is one of the main scenic area of Mt. Siguniang. The valley is just on the foot of Mt. Siguniang, when you walk 16 km into the valley, you will close to Mt. Siguniang. Here you could not only enjoy beautiful scenery, but also discover the local residents -- Gyalrong Tibetan, they speak special Gyalrong language and farm for living; they are a special branch of Tibetan. In the valley, you could walking or riding, no vehicle. So if you want to ride a horse,please take care of yourself and buy insurance in advance. We do not suggest you ride in the valley.

Day 3: All day tour to Shuangqiao Valley


Today we will depart hotel at 9:00, all-day visit the Shuangqiao Valley where is located 7 km northwest to Rilong Town.

Meals: Breakfast,Lunch(simple lunch), Dinner

Accommodation: Mt. Siguniang Gyalrong Sunshine Hotel*** (the best hotel in Rilong Town)

--Shuangqiao Valley: it is also called Twinbridge Valley, the valley is 34.8 meters long, covers an area of 216.6 square meters. Forest and different types of trees from mountain belt plant such as birch, alamo and Acer serrulatum, to alpine plant such as spruce,fir and redwood are the threasure of the valley. there are different gallery road in the valley for walking, it is a splendid forest tour.

Day 4: Today will depart Mt. Siguniang to Danba County, the home to watchtowers and visit Danba area. (113km / 2.5 hours driving)


We will depart Rilong Town at 8:00 am, drive 2.5 hours to Danba County to watch Danba Fortifications (Ancient Danba Watchtowers). After lunch, we will go to Jiaju Tibetan Village, where is called "one of the most beautiful village in China".

Meals: Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Danba Heruibuke Garden Boutique Guest House

--Danba Fortifications: Danba is also be called "Ancient State with Thousands of Watchtowers ". Now in Danba, the ancient watchtowers spread over 15 towns, 181 villages, total number is 562. Most of the watchtowers are by the sides of Large Jinchuan River, Small Jinchuan River and Dadu River. Danba Ancient watchtowers used different materials such as rocks, mud and woods and with lots of shapes: quadrangle,  pentagon,  hexagonal, octagonal, even tridecagon.These watchtowers were built for defense, the gate of watchtoers is short and small, door sheet is thick and solid.

The best place to visit Danba Fortifications are Suopo Town and Zhonglu Town, and the best place to watch these ancient watchtowers is on the other hillside of Dadu river. Some of the watchtowers could be visit, but you should pay some tips to the owner.

--Jiaju Tibetan Village: "Jiaju" in Tibetan language means "hundred of families". In this amazing village, Tibetan style houses spread from Dajin River Velly to the foot of Kapama Mountains, the height of the village over 1,000 altitude. The Tibetan style houses in the woods, smoke curl wpwards, stream by the side and snow mountains on the back, a beautiful landscape of idyllic just in front of you!

Day 5: Depart Danba at 8:00 am to Luding County (140km/4 hours driving), visit Luding Chain Bridge. After that, drive to Hailuogou (67km/2 hours driving).


We depart guest hours in Danba at 8:00 am, after 4 hours driving, to Luding County. After lunch, we will visit China's unique style chain bridge - Luding Bridge which connected Central China and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in ancient China. And then, we will drive another 2 hours to Hailuogou. After check-in, enjoy hot spring and relex in hotel.

Meals: Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Gongga God Hot Spring Hotel *****

-- Luding Bridge: it is a unique chain bridge which was first built during Kangxi Emperor Period of Qing Dynasty (1705 - 1706 AD). It is 103 meters long and 3 meters wide, 13 chains fixed to the abutment and then fell into wells on both sides of river; 9 chains are the ground and 4 chains are handrail; there are 12,164 iron hoops constitute 13 chains, all iron components totals more than 40 tons. there are wooden bridge tower on the both sides of Luding Bridge.

Luding Bridge was built for trading between Central China and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in Qing Dynasty. The bridge made transportation between Han and Zhang area much easier.

--Hailuogou Hot Spring: Hailuogou Hot Spring is boiling spring, which temperature is more than 90 degree centigrade (194 degree Fehrenheit); its mouth is on the foot of Gongga Snowbery, which is between No. 2 camp and No. 1 camp of Hailuogou. Its daily flow is 8,900 tons, flow down the cliff, become a waterfall. And now, we could enjoy the hot spring in Gongga God Hot Spring Hotel, which is the only 5-star hot spring hotel in Hailuogou.

Day 6: All-day visit Hailuogou Glacier and Hailuogou Valley.


We will star the all-day tour at 9:00. You are driven to No. 4 camp, take a close view of the great Hailuogou Glacier, you could choose climbing up the Glacier or just walk around. In the afternoon, you could keep on disvoer the beauty of Hailuogou, or go back to the hotel and enjoy the hot spring.

Meals: Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Gongga God Hot Spring Hotel *****

--Hailuogou: it is in the eastern slope of Gongga Mountains, and it is a famous modern glacier with low sea level (Hailuogou glacier's altitude is 2,850 meters). Here you will see huge ice fall, ice cave and ice bridge; especially the ice fall, the largest ice fall is 1,000 meters high and 1,100 meters wide. Besides, ice erosion peak, old-growth forest, red rocks are the highlights of Hailuogou.

Day 7: From Hailuogou drive back to Chengdu. (350km / 5.5 hours) The end of the service!


We depart Hailuogou at 9:00 am, and drive back to Chengdu around 3:00 pm. Send you to your Chengdu hotel, or to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport & Chengdu Train Stations for your next destinations.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Accommodation: N/A

Service includes:

*Hotel accommodations with breakfast as specified (but hotels are subject to change to the same category before finally confirmed).

*All meals as specified in the itinerary.

*Transfers among scenic sports & hotels as specified in the itinerary by private car or coach with driver & English-speaking guide.

*Entrance fees for sightseeing as outlined in the itinerary with English speaking guide.

*Travel insurance in mainland China during the above travel period.

*Arrangements for the planning, handling, operational and communication charges.

Service does not include:

*Any meals do not list in the itinerary above.

*Single Room Supplements (as the above quotation for accommodation is based on twin sharing room).

*International air and train tickets for coming to & leaving mainland China. Air tickets or train tickets not specified in the itinerary on the first arrival day and last departure day.

*Excess Baggage Charges.

*Personal expenses: Items of a purely personal nature such as drinks, laundry, tips to guides or drivers, FAX, telephone, excess baggage charges, or sightseeing or meals which are not included in the day-to-day itinerary.

*Insurance coverage of personal loss, illness or damages incurred during your trip.

*Gratuities, Tips to Guides and Drivers.

*Visa fees

* Ngawa and Garze, especially Mt. Siguniang is located at a high elevation, and therefore tourist shall not do strenuous exercise. Please ask your doctor before you visit these area if you have any illness.

* Take some snacks with you during this trip. Because during long time driving, we could not guarantee heaving lunch on time; and in the scenic area, the foods and beverages are local style, please take something you like.

* We choose the best accommodations in these area, but the facilities and service could not reach the standard as large cities, please note.

* Please respect the customs of local residents.


Day 1:

`Chengdu pick-up

Day 2:

`Changping Valley

Day 3:

·Shuangqiao Valley

Day 4:

`Ancient Danba Watch towers
`Jiaju Tibetan Village

Day 5:

`Luding Bridge
`Hailuogou Hot Spring

Day 6:

`Hailuogou Glacier

Day 7: