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Half Day Guangzhou City walk Series, to Saikwan

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Half Day 1 City: Guangzhou 8 pics
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Day 1: Half Day Guangzhou City walk Series, to Saikwan

D1:City walking start from Yongqingfang, Canton carving pottery and Embroidery Exhibition, Bruce Lee former residence, Cantonese Opera Art Museum, etc.


We will enjoy a half day Guangzhou City Walk to Saikwan (the ancient name of Liwan District), it is an ancient culture, art and architectures program. You could visit traditional architectures, such as memorial archway, merchant's house, overhang streets, old post office. And ancient culture and arts, such as Canton Ivory Carving, Canton Jade Carving, Canton Wood Carving, Canton Pottery, Canton Embroidery, Cantonese Opera, etc.

Guangzhou trading culture and products, opera, former residence of Bruce Lee are the highlights.

Step from Yongqingfang Memorial archway – Canton carving pottery and Embroidery Exhibition - Bruce Lee former residence – Ages post office – Cantonese Opera Art Museum – Zhongshuge Bookstore

# Yongqingfang Memorial archway
Yongqingfang is a business street full of traditional memorial archways and buildings elements, traditional Saikwan style of gates, rooms, stone streets, carved bricks, colourful wall-painting mix with modern lifestyle. Just like 150 years ago, here is still the place where antiquity meets modern .

# Canton carving, pottery and Embroidery Exhibition
There are three types of traditional carving in Guangzhou, they are all important trading products. They are Canton Ivory Carving, Canton Jade Carving, Canton Wood Carving. Furthermore, the popular art of works at that time included Canton Pottery and Canton Embroidery.
Traditional Embroidery was not only with silks, but also with peacock feathers and horse tail hair which were imported from oversea.
The exhibition is for visitors who would like to learn more about traditional business products and works in Saikwan and Guangzhou.

# Bruce Lee Ancestral Mansion
This is a typical Sai Kwan Mansion. Lee’s father accommodated here for more than 10 years before he moved to Hong Kong.
Here you could not only discover Bruce’s life and movies here, but also discover the beauty of traditional folk house for the rich – Sai Kwan Mansion.

# Ages post office
It is a post office, and more than a post office. Here you could not only do the post to yourself as other post offices, but also experience the movable-type printing.
Ages post office is also located in Yongqingfang.

# Cantonese Opera Art Museum
The museum is located in the No. 127, Enning Road, Liwan District. It is a professional museum for Cantonese Opera –one of the World intangible cultural Heritage. There are more than 5000 pieces of Cantonese opera collections, traditional stage, theatre and garden. There are shows weekly. If you would like to enjoy the show, please book with us in advance.

Price: please contact us for inquiry.

Service includes:
1. English speaking local guide for 3.5 hours. (This is a culture tour; you need to have a guide to help you with your discovery)
2. first gate entrance to all the scenic spots in the program.
1. This program excludes any meal and accommodation.
2. If you would like to enjoy Cantonese Opera, please book with us in advance (There is not daily show in the Opera Museum).


Day 1: