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How to Do When You Lose Your Passport in China

How to Do When You Lose Your Passport in China

It is a big problem when you lose your passport during your vacation. Here we introduce you how to do when you lose your passport while visiting China.

Step 1: As the picture above show you, the 1st thing you should do when you find out your lose is passport is go to your nearest police station to register the situation for two documents "Record Certification" and "Loss Certification". The documents are really important. Please note that, you could find the police in police station 24 hours.

Step 2: If you have a staying hotel (means your stay in a hotel when you lose your passport), please ask the front office to help you to get a "Occupancy Certification" from the hotel. If you check-out, you could go back to the hotel you have stayed,  show them your certifications from the police station, ask for the "Occupancy Certification" and you had better stay in the hotel offer you the "Occupancy Certification" again, becasue they have your passport and visa information so they could accept you to check-in again (in China, all hotel guests' information should scream and upload to PSB systerm).

If you lose your passport when you just arrive a new city, please ask the policeman accompany you to the hotel you have booked or find a hotel. Becasue the hotels in China will not accept a foreign guest without passport.

Step 3: The next step you shoud do is go to Exit and Entry Office of Public Security Bureau (PSB for short). Which Exit and Entry Office you should go? Where is the office? do not worry about that, please ask the policeman when you go to the police station, they will give you the address (usually, you should go to the Exit and Entry Office of your Staying city/district, such as if you are in Guilin, go to Guilin Exit and Entry Office ). The Exit and Entry Office work from Mon. to Fri. 8:30 - 11:30 am and 2:30 - 5:30 pm. Please show the certifications you got from police station and hotel to the Exit and Entry Office, they will give you a "Loss Report Certification".

Step 4:When you get the four certifications above, you could go to your country's consulate/embassy to apply a new passport (if your country have different rules on apply a new passport in China, please follow your country's rules).

Step 5: Take all certifications above and your new passport to apply a new China Visa from Exit and Entry Office of PSB. (If your country have special agreement with China, please ask your country's consulate/ embassy how to do the China visa and follow them).

If you are travelling with Discover China Tours, when you lose your passport, please contact our tour guide or consultant anytime, we will help you to get through it.