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Q & A -- Yangtze River Cruise

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1. General Questions

Q: How long do yangtze river cruises last?


A: The cruises on yangtze river range from 3-night 4 days to 9 nights 10 days vacations. The cruises are sailing several different ways, most popular downstream cruises are between Chongqing to Wuhan (3 nights 4 days) or from Chongqing to Yichang (2 nights 3 days). The upstream cruises are from Wuhan to Chongqing ( 4 nights 5 days) or from Yichang to Chongqing ( 3 nights 4 days). A few ships (like victoria cruise) are extending the itinerary from Chongqing down to Shanghai, and make a 10-day itinerary. A few ships are sailing Yichang-Fengjie-Yichang. It takes 3 days. But only during the winter time.

Q: What are upstream and downstream?
 A: Yangtze river runs from West to East. Upstream is from East -- lower part of the river (such as Wuhan, Shashi, or Yichang) up to the West -- higher part of the river (such as Chongqing and Fengjie). Downstream is the opposite.
Q: What is the best time to have the cruise?
A: The best time to take a Yangtze River cruise are April, May, Sept. and Oct. The above moth are the high season of yangzte cruise, the rate is littler high than the shoulder season. As July and Aug is little hot, so it belongs to the shoulder season, you can take the cruise by paying lower price. Few cruises are available in winter time from later Dec to next Mar. But it is popular for the Christmas days and New Year days.
Q: Will I get seasick?
A: Seasickness is rare on yangtze cruise ships because they are equipped with stabilizers which are designed to minimize the feeling of movement. If you should feel queasy, medicine is available from the ship doctor. If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to consult your physician prior to travel.
2. Fare Questions
Q: What does my cruise price include?
A: Your cruise includes shipboard accommodations, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and organized shore excursions.
Q: What does my cruise price not include?
A: Your cruise price does not include pre-boarding accommodation cost at the night before the departure, Items of personal nature are available for purchase, such as laundry, photographs, and ship to shore phone service, beverages & drinks, medical service, gratuities, beauty treatments or other miscellaneous items you may purchase on board.
Q: Are Children's fares free?
A: No, normally children under 12 ages will be travel at half of a adult fare. But it is subject to be changed, different cruise has different child fare policy, for more detail, you may contact with our cruise planner.
Q: How much is it for a yangtze cruise
A: There are cruises available at all price ranges - from budget to luxury
The deluxe cruise ship are between 500 USD to 900 USD; medium class ships are between 300 USD to 400 USD; economical class ships are between 200 USD to 300 USD. Discover China Tours provide the seasonal special offer to guests, some times you can buy a deluxe cruise by paying very lower fare.
Q: Are the cruise fare for one person or for one cabin?
A: The cruise fare is for one person
Q: Is it more expensive for one person to travel alone?
A: No. the cruise fare is for one person. Cruising is very popular with single travellers, and cruise lines go out of their way to make it easy for singles to meet and mingle with other passengers. If you want to book one cabin, you should pay about more than 75% extra charge or even double. Different cruise has different rate police.
3. Weather Question
Q: What is the weather like in the yangtze cruise area?
 A: The three gorgy topography features strong wind, humid and less sunshine. The average temperature reaches 30 C in July and 10 C in January. Spring and autumn are therefore the best seasons for making the river cruises. In summers, dramatic thunderstorms and torrential rains often happen and heavy rainfalls cause the high water between July and September (Which is usually coincided with the Flood Season on the cruising itineraries). The winters are short and cold.
4. Shipboard Questions
Q: When can I board the ship?
A: Embarkation normally begins approximately 4 hours prior to departure. Passengers must be aboard no later than 30 minutes prior to sailing. The clients arrive the city earlier can put the luggage to the ships first, then go on your city tour. Generally, the ship departure at early morning which provide the pre-boarding accommodations but no dinner served at the night before departure, so you'd better to have the dinner in the local restaurant by your self.
Q: What is pre-board, how much is that? What do I have to know?
A: For the cruise which departs in the early morning, most ships provide the pre-board for guests. Pre-board means guests can board the ship one night before the ship leaves from Chongqing or Yichang the next day morning. It usually costs $30-35 per person (incl. the accommodations and one breakfast), It would be much more convenient for you, can saves you from getting up early, checking out a hotel, transferring to the ship and checking into your cabin. There are a couple things you should know: there is no dinner served the day you board the ship and you have to have one before you go to the ship pier. Another thing you should know is that if you check into your ship after 7 p.m. in Chongqing, there would be no cable car which carries your bags from the dark to the ship. You would have to walk some distance to board the ship; alternatively, you can hire the porter.
Q: How do I get to the ship?
A: If you have booked by discover china tours, we highly recommend you to book the ground transfer by us, you will be met by our representative at the airport or railways or bus station or your hotel lobby. Just tell us where and when to pick you up.
Q: Are cruise itineraries subject to be changed?
A: Yes, all cruise itineraries are subject to be changed. Guest safety is the number one priority for the cruise lines. On rare occasions, weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances require a change in itinerary. In these situations, the cruise line staff will do everything in their power to visit an alternate port of call.
Q: What can I do on a ship?
A: It depends on the ship, but generally the ships will have the most activities. You may wish to lounge on deck by the pool with a good book, take a Taichi or dance class, attend a lecture, take one or 2 shore excursions at day time and enjoy the evening performs at night.
Q: What are the tipping guidelines?
A: On the ship, total amount will be USD5 per day per guest, it is just a suggestions guidelines only. Please remember to recognize outstanding service. Tips to shore excursion guides are also at passenger's discretion.
Q: What shall I dress on the ship?
A: Shipboard dress is casual all the time. No special formal dresses are required on the ship.
Q: Are there laundry services on board?
A: Yes, laundry service is available on star-rated ships, including washing and ironing but no dry cleaning on board.
Q: Do I have to participate in the cruise line's organized activities?
A: On a cruise, the choice is yours. You can do anything you wish. You can do it all or just relax by the pool.
Q: Can we stay in touch with the outside?
A: Of course, you can. Quite easily. All the rate-star ships have televisions in the rooms. There are either phones in the rooms. Many ships offer fax capabilities or internet lounges. A certain amount of fee is charged for either answering or making a phone call.
Q: Are the entertainments free?
A: Lots of the entertaiments are free of charge. eg. first-rate movies, special lectures and DIY classes.
5. Cabin Questions
Q: What is the difference between an outside and an inside stateroom?
A: All the cabins of star rating yangtze cruise are the outside cabin with the outside windows, you can enjoy the view in your cabin easily.
Q: What about electrical appliances?
A: Electric razors and hair dryers can be brought with you. Staterooms for most cruise lines are equipped with 110 volts and 220 outlets. The hairdryers are available in the cabin of most of ships. In few ships, no hairdryer in the cabin, but you can borrow from front desk. The converters are also can be borrowed from ships.
Q: What amenities are in my cabin?
A: Generally, the star-rating bathroom has such things as: toothbrush, razors; shampoo and conditioner; body wash; Supplies will be replenished by the room steward, upon request.
Q: Can I book the balcony cabin?
A: Few cruises has the cabin with balcony, like president no. 1. if you book the cabin with balcony, generally, extra USD30 will be requested. The rate is subject to changed. Please contact our cruise expert for details.
Q: Three of us travel together, can we stay in one cabin?
A: No triple beds cabin is avaliable, all are twin beds standard cabin. Not all the standard cabins on cruise ships are spacy enough to hold an extra bed, although most ships rated four stars and above have staterooms with larger space. You'd better to ask our cruise expert for the possibility of a certain ship before the reservation.
Q: Is there a TV in my cabin?
A: Yes. all the cabins has TV.
Q: Are there minibars in the staterooms?
A: All staterooms will have a stocked minibar. The items will be replenished twice daily as the items are consumed and charged to the guest's Sail & Sign Account. The minibar will be stocked with premium liquor, wine, beer, soft drinks and a variety of sweet/salty snacks.
6. Dinning Questions
Q: I'm on a special diet. Can I get special meals on board?
A: Low-sodium meals, kosher meals, vegetarian and certain other diet-restricted meals will be available. Dietary requests should be made at the time of booking.
Q: What kind of meals are served on the cruise?
A: On lots of the cruise, American style buffet for the breakfast, Chinese meals are served for lunch and dinner.
7. Transportation Questions
Q: Do you offer transportation service to port?
A: If you booked by discoverchinatours.com, we can arrange the private transfer from airport to port for you.
Q: How long from airport to port?
A: from Chongqing airport to port will cost more than 1 hours; from Wuhan airport to port also cost more than 1 hours driving. In Yichang, from port to airport cost 1.5 hours.

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