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Gallery of Minority - Clothes Drying Festival

The minority of Red Yao is one of ethnic minorities in China, locating in north of Guilin, Guangxi Region, especially on Longji Rice Terrace. In Red Yao tradition, it’s said that the sunlight on the day of 6th June in lunar calendar is most strong to disinfect clothes that under the sunlight. These clothes, under the blazing sun won’t get moldy and avoid from insects. This festival is called Clothes Drying Festival.

At this day, every family ransacks boxes and chests to dry clothes. Especially, women take their most beautiful clothes out,  and hang them out on the balcony. The traditional clothes of Red Yao are mainly with flower patterns in red. The clothes form a unique but beautiful scene line, which is contrast sharply with the green rice terrace and wooden houses. 

It was lucky and pleasure for DCT to witness this festival. The pictures were took by DCT from the festival on 13th July (6th June in lunar calendar), 2013 at Longji Rice Terrace.