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Longji Rice Terrace, Guilin, China

Longsheng is located in the mountainous region on the northeastern part of Guilin. The natural beauty and the colorful ethnic Chinese cultures and customs attract people from all over the world.

After 2.5 hours drive (115KM beautiful mountain road) you will get to the Longji area, Heping Township of Longsheng County. Visit Zhuang and Yao Minority tribel's villages and some families if you like. Those ethnic girls dressed in their own colors may have a demonstration on hair combing or singing and dancing upon guests' request and gratuity. Clients will enjoy the beautiful terrace rice fields after getting to the summit of Longji (Dragon's backbone).The terrace rice fields were first built in the Yuan Dynasty ( about 800 years ago) and completed in the Qing dynasty as the crystallization of the wisdom and labor of the Zhuang people. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, with the highest place of an elevation of 885m and the lowest 380m. The coiling line spirals up from the mountain foot to the top, making the mountain looks like huge snail seen afar.

Go to visit the traditional style village, touching the wooden window, watching people enjoy their easygoing life, hearing the singing of angels'?Here must be paradise. It would be a shame to leave Longji without try some family-style-dishes, such as "braise hen with fresh spring water". Taking along the umbrella or raincoat with you, cause the easy-change weather.

Map of Longsheng Dragon's Backbone" Rice Fields
.Travel to Longji (Longji Rice Terrace)