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Terra Cotta Warriors -- The 8th Wonder of the World

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The Terracotta Army, the 8th wonder of the world, is a form of funerary art buried with the Emperor of Qin (Qin Shi Huang) in 209-210 BC (his reign over Qin was from 247 BC to 221 BC and unified China from 221 BC to the end of his life in 210 BC). Their purpose was to help rule another empire with Shi Huang Di in the afterlife. Consequently, they are also sometimes referred to as "Qin's Armies." They are one of most majestic world heritages in China, and are different from the others. The speciality can not be described in words. You can get there to experience it in person. "Seeing is believing!"

The Terracotta Warriors were discovered in March 1974 by local farmers drilling a well to the east of Lishan (Mount Li). Mount Li is also where the material to make the terracotta warriors originated. In addition to the warriors, an entire man-made necropolis for the emperor has been excavated.

Of note is that fact that the terracotta soldiers are enormously sized and that no two are alike. Most researchers believe that each statue is based on one soldier of that time.

The Terracotta Army is about 35 kilometers (22 miles) east of Xian. It takes about one and a half hour to get there from the downtown. And it is very convenient to get to Xian by express train or by air from the main cites of China. You can take the Terracotta Warriors tour from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou just in a day. But we highly recommend traveling Xian in two or three days so as to explore it fully in a comfortable way, not travelling in haste. Wanna explore the mysterious wonder of the world? At Discover China Tours, we can arrange a short one day tour or Classic toursfor you to discover the Terra Cotta Warriors, no matter where you are in China. You just tell us your requirements, and the rest will be done perfectly. Book Terra Cotta Warriors tours with us, you will get an unforgettable experience!