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Useful Chinese Words - Introductions - Getting Around


I' m American.

My name is ____ .

What's your name?  
  • ( formal )
  • ( colloquial )
How are you ?
Very well, thanks, and you?

Getting Around

Where is ____ ? __________
  • the washroom
  • the toilet
  • the dining room
  • the entrance
  • the exit
  • the taxi
  • the telephone
Please help me.
I'm lost.
We're lost.
Where are my friends?
Where is the tourist bus?
I am looking for______ .
Which way did they go?
  • to the left
  • to the right
  • straight ahead


How much does it cost?
I'd like___.
Please give me____.
Please show me_____.
just right
approximately;more or less


I'm hungry.
I'm thirsty.
I 'm tired.
I don't feel well.
I'm sick.
What's that?
What's up?How's everything?
Do you know ?
I don't know.

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