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The trip overall went very well.

Name: Mary Frances Keenan

Nationality: American

Date: Oct 15, 2009

OP: Molly

Molly, The Keenan Family is home and doing well.  We are still getting pictures printed and memorializing our trip to your country.  The trip overall went very well.  The tour guides did well, the hotels were great and we were very glad after seeing the traffic that we had someone to drive us around.  

The only problem we really had was the train ride.  I am sure you are aware that the tickets were purchased for the wrong date.  The other issue was our lack of information regarding the train station.  You should let other travelers know that the station is not traveler friendly.  You cannot get dropped off in front of the station so you have to carry all your belonging a significant distance before you get to the station.  There were no carts for luggage or workers to help you.  Travelers also needed to carry all their belongings up and down stairs to get to the various platforms.  

That being said we loved many aspects of the trip.  The panda preserve was great I am so glad that all the work is being done to sale the Pandas.  The terra cotta warriors are amazing.  It is very hard to understand the amount of people, time and creativity it took to create them and how much work it is taking to excavate and restore them.  

I am glad the government is taking its time to research and save your cultural heritage.  

If you ever get the chance to come to America, I hope you will include Maryland in your trip because you have friends here waiting to show you around our town.

Thank you again for all your help

Mary Frances Keenan