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The whole trip from start to finish was perfect!

Name: Mr.Steven Krietenstein


Date: Sep 30, 2009

OP: Molly

I enjoy getting your emails.  Thanks for sending.
You don't have to thank me for trusting you - the actions you took to create a marvelous tour proves that the thanks should be returned to you!  The whole trip from start to finish was perfect!  The tour guides you provided were always prompt and Henry (Bin Wang) in Beijing and Sherry in Xian were absolutely the best!  They all should be acknowledged for their helpful efforts, historical knowledge, and fun loving attitude.

With regard to meeting you and Alice, the pleasure was all mine.  You say that Alice is naughty, but she is so sweet!  She is also very smart.
I heard her quitely (almost a whisper) ask me what my name was, as if she was practicing it in her head.  When it was time for her to actually ask me, she turned very shy and for that I think is very cute.  So I know that she can say the English words.

Your story of the chocolates is funny, too.  I also liked the "hen/rooster" story that you posted on the Discover China Tours website blog.  I laughed!

You meantioned below that you have some questions about pronunciation of certain words.  Please send them, I'm not sure if I can answer, but I will try my best!

In closing, Carl and I would like to thank you for such a great tour.
As you can imagine, my favorite sights were the Great Wall, Teracotta Warriors, and the Li River.  But a tour like this also gives you so much more! - meeting so many wonderful people, experiencing delicious food, actually meeting the farmer who discovered the Teracotta Warriors, etc., etc.  Wow!!!

I will always remember the trip - Thanks for helping create such wonderful memories (including meeting you and Alice).

Take care,