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Sarah is a wonderful asset

Name: Deborah Ann Dumond

Nationality: American

Date: May 10, 2011

OP: Sarah

I apologize for being late in sending this compliment.
My travel agent Ms. Sarah Liao went above and beyond, I feel, her duty to Discover China Tours. She is a wonderful asset to them; and an exemplar of her company's dedication, and personal kindness. She developed an itinerary encompasing the places in China I wanted to visit.
Later, I experienced airline ticket and schedule problems, and forgot to finalize the tour plans. My DCT code was LG1011050930. 1Jan11 I was leaving Sydney, Australia in the early a.m. to arrive in Beijing late that night. At some point, prior to leaving Australia, I realized I had not confirmed my Chinese tour. I contacted her. She left her home during the New Year's Holiday, to go to her office to confirm my tour, and make arrangements for me to start seeing Beijing.

She was not only dependable on that occasion, but again later in the week. After being in China a couple of days, I looked at my return airline flight schedule. I realized I was leaving 5jan11, a day earlier than the Discover China Tour itinerary. (My original airline ticket was cancelled by the airlines. When I rebooked, my China time was cut a day.) After a few calls and several hours of on...