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We had a wonderful time

Name: Mrs. Laura Kotovsky& Mr Ran

Nationality: American

Date: Jul 05, 2011

OP: Sally

Hi Sally.
Thank you for writing.  We are home and we had a wonderful time in China.  We have many photos and great memories.  

The tour was very enjoyable and the service was excellent.  The hotels were outstanding.  We definitely recommend both the Garden Hotel in Datong and the guest house in Pingyao.  Ms. Lee, the tour guide who helped us to the train in Beijing was very kind and helpful.  She arranged everything and got us settled in our soft sleeper and answered all of our questions about how things worked on the train.  The soft sleeper was very comfortable and was an interesting experience for us.

Mr. An met us at the station and toured with us the rest of the time.  He was also very helpful and very knowledgeable about all of the sights.  Our only suggestion for him would be to be a bit more sensitive the whole family.  Sometimes our sons were a bit tired of the temples we saw and we wanted to move more quickly.  Mr. An seemed to speak mostly to my husband and did not seem to notice when the children needed to have shorter explanations and/or move more quickly.  The driver, Mr. Lee was excellent and his vehicle was very comfortable.

The only other suggestion for the trip was about the fast train home from Taiyuan.  It would have been better to be on an earlier train back to Beijing because we did not have very much to see the last day and the train arrived in Beijing very late for our children.  We also might have preferred to go first class on the bullet train if we had seen that option.  But second class was comfortable and it was a very nice train!  We enjoyed it.

Mostly the trip was fantastic.  We learned a lot and saw amazing things.  Thank you so much for your work in organizing it all.  I would be happy to be a reference for your company in the future.