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We had a wonderful time in China and were completely overwhelmed.

Name: Mr.& Mrs.McDonald

Nationality: Canadian

Date: Aug 15, 2011

OP: Wenny

Dear Wenny,

We had a wonderful time in China and were completely overwhelmed.

We are also very glad we got a private tour. Each of the guides, Sabrina, Ameliy and Elaine

were efficient, serious and helpful.  We got along particularly well with Sabrina. On two occasions their help and yours was indispensible. First, changing from train to plane from Xian and Shanghai would have been very complicated with your help. Second, getting from Shanghai to Beijing would have been very difficult without Elaine's help since our flight was cancelled and replaced by a later flight at another airport. I think this is one aspect of your service that you should emphasize. You are the backup when things go wrong.

The hotels were great. The choice of sights to visit was very good. The only thing I would find fault with is the lunches (the hotel breakfasts were fine). I know you want to be sure nobody gets sick but maybe you could find other restaurants.  We ate about 1/3 of the food provided. It would have been better to get less food but more to western tastes. More fruit would have been good.

Another suggestion might be to arrange for visitors to Xian to bicycle around the city wall. We would have loved to do that. Of course in our case it was raining so cycling was not allowed but it would be a good thing to add to the tour. In Shanghai it would probably be a good thing to help visitors find shops with really good prices.

As I said we had a wonderful trip and I thank you for the excellent arrangements!


David McDonald