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It was lovely to meet you in Guilin.

Name: Mrs. Doreen Stockdale

Nationality: Australian

Date: Jul 15, 2011

OP: Sally

Hi Sally
 It was lovely to meet you in Guilin.  We are home safe and sound in Australia - arrived at 5am. I had 2 hours sleep, and am just back from collecting post and buying food to fill the refrigerator.  It will be difficult to have to cook dinner tonight!

Sorry I didn't email you from HongKong but I arrived there with a very serious cold./flu and was not up to doing emails.  Shenzen all worked out very well.  A quick taxi from airport straight to the shopping mall.  all work done and delivered to hongkong on sunday.  it was then very easy to just get the train into hongkng.  all achieved without any stress.
our trip with you was really good Sally - I would certainly recommend that people use your company.

thanks for all your assistance.  we did appreciate the better hotels in Shanghai and Guilin.

all the very best for your future.  
Cheers, Doreen--