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Everything worked like a "Swiss clock"

Name: Mr. Joseph Rothschild

Nationality: Israelite

Date: Nov 02, 2011

OP: Wenny

Hi Wenny,

   I appreciate your questions and i'll try to give youe a full detailed answer.

   First i'll try to cover the tour logistics and your arrangmemts:

    Everything worked like a "Swiss clock" -i.e I really appreciate the all arrangments, Hotels were generaly, as expected good locations, and some times (like Sofitel in Xian) better than expected.

     Reservation was made accurately, and even our request for King Bed had been accurately fulfilled.

     Breakfast in most hotels were excelent . and we enjoyed both,  the western and eastern breakfast

     The guides and drivers had always been in time, and we did not have to wait even a mintue to meet them.

   Now' i'll come tow the weak points. there were lot of free time and in the itinerary. I do not know it it is your fault or the local guides fault. 

    My understanding was that your itinerary cover some specific places to visit and if there is still a time left, the guides will take us to other points of interest or other sightseeing tour based on their knowlede. 

   sometime' like in Beijing, Suzhou and  Shangchai , it was OK. but not in the other cities.

    Now i'll come to the most important point - the guides

    I am sure that yopu know that a good guide can change everything.


    Our tour guide in Beijing Vivian  was Excelent, we liked very much her attitude, her smile her knoweledg  and after spending almost full 3 days with her, we all appreciate and love her.  her score is 100

     Our tour guide in Shanghai' was Smart, full of knowledge very good english speaken, her score is 95

      Our tour guide in  Suzhou was also ok Her score is 90

    Tour guide in Xian' Eric. Smart man, has a lot of knowledge. but looked board, We had all the time the impression

    That he just want to finish the day and that's it. 

     On our second day we finished the itinerary at about 11 to 12 at noon, we had asked him what next, and he just said that now we have free time for the moslim quarter till the end of the day, so we told him that for we do not need him and signed that he can go. - His score is 40 out of 100.

   Tour guide in Guilin - was ok but not more, we had plenty of time on our second day, we have just realized after, that according to itinerrary' we should have climed on the Moon hill, but she had just shoed it to us from far away place/

    Her score is 70 out of 100.

   Credibility and integrity  of you and the head office in Guilin - 100% excelent,.

   Overall satisfactory - we enjoyed very much our stay in Chaina, most people ar very nice, we usually had dinner at local restaurants, and with no english spoken, we generally enjoyed the waiterss attitude and smile.

   We admire what you had done to your country in the last 30 years and for sure, we'll come for  more deep visits in china again.and for sure we'll use your company and will recommend it to others.