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We had a wonderful time thankyou

Name: Samantha, Tony, Peter & Keir

Nationality: Australian

Date: Nov 13, 2011

OP: Wenny

Hello Wenny

How are you ?

We had a wonderful time thankyou

Myself and Tony would especially like to thank Rosina from the bottom of our hearts for her fine efforts, her understanding towards us, her knowledge, she is an absolutely a delight, her English was very very good, the driver was wonderful also, she deserves a pay increase !!!

Chris was wonderful also a lovely fellow, so passionate also

The first Joe we had in Shanghai was great, the second Joe was great also, Shar was a lovely little girl, her English was hard at times but she did well, i was under the impression she was just new at being a tour guide, but she did well

As you will be able to see we were getting a little tired of museums and temples, we had seen so many and we just wished to see other attractions on offer, as we aren’t religious we really weren’t that interested in the religion side of things

As for the restaurants organised for lunch, some were lovely, some not so, the restaurants were nice, but some of the food not so nice, but all in all it was a beautiful experience and myself and Tony were so happy to see your beautiful country

Everyone was so welcoming and kind

Thankyou so much Wenny

Take care

Samantha and Tony