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We had a taste of China!

Name: Ms. Olivia Souza

Nationality: Brazil

Date: Feb 07, 2012

OP: Wenny

Hi, Wenny!!

We had a really great vacation. The itinerary was great and we had a taste of China.

The guides were great too, specially Run, in Shanghai. He was very patient and eager to help. He turned our visit into a very pleasant and special experience.

All guides were knowledgeable, always on time, and in Guangzhou, the guide Nancy was very nice to us. She managed to change our train time and went after the driver to get a bag we forgot in the van.

The only visit we didn´t care very much was Huaqing Hot Springs. We walked straight to a wall with pictures of the generals. The guide told everything about politics and we went away. We saw no springs, no water…

Restaurants were very good in general.

Hotels were very good, but at Baron Business Hotel, breakfast was not good. It took too long for the staff to replace food. There was not enough coffee. We had to wait for everything!!

Also, Yangshuo New Century Hotel was in a very good location, but there were holes on the towels…

It was a very comfortable trip, since DCT was able to make everything “work” for us. We had all the assistance and information we needed, everything was very well planned and executed.  Guides were very helpful and always on time. I recommend DCT!!

One suggestion for Shanghai tour: include the TV tower!! It´s a highlight! Every tourist should climb it.

Wenny, you were always ready to help, and answered all e-mails very quickly. Thanks a lot for all your time and help.

Any other questions, feel free to write me!

Best regards,