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The tour was great and we have amazing memories.

Name: Ms. Viviana Baio

Nationality: Italian

Date: Apr 24, 2012

OP: Wenny

Dear Wenny,

Many thanks for your email.

I just got at my place in Thailand.

The tour was great and we have amazing memories.

During the flight back my parents and I though about a feedback for you.

Here it is:


Hotel perfect.

Lily ( our tour guide ) great. She siggested us an extra tour with a dinner with locals. It was great.

Driver very good.



Our tour guide Micheal was very good.

The driver was not so good as he was driving in a unsafe way. He took wrong ways a couple of time.



Hotel... just amazing!!! :-)

Samantha, our tour guide, very very good but she didnt provide for water for us in the van ( the others did it! )

Driver.. good!



Hotel good.

Our tour guide very very good. We liked the way he showed us the Stone forest. ( but he didnt provide for water as well )

Also, I dont know what happend about lunch that day but thanks for arrange a great dinner for us. Yak meat was delicious! :-)


LIJIANG ( my favorite place!!!!! )

Hotel super amazing.

Driver good and very comfortable van.

Yang, our tour guide, is a very very kind and polite boy. He should improve his English and try not to be shy. I talked to him and he told me that he just started with this job. So I gave him my email so he can practice a bit with his English... and I am sure he will improve. But anyway, we liked his attitude! :-)

He also provide water for us and he gave us so many sweets and chocolates because my dad didnt feel very good because of the altitude :-)



The hotel is a bit old but we loved the buffet breakfast!! Just amazing!

The driver was very good and the van was super comfortable.

Rowling our tour guide is a such a nice lady. She did a good job. She didnt provide for water.

Also, I think you need to check the restaurant at LeShan. We think they tried to cheat on us and on Rowling as well.

Ms Rowling proposed us to buy a fish as extra dish because she said that it is the speciality. We did it.

They said that it was 138RM for 500gr. So we said, ok let's get the small one just to taste it. So Rowling and I went to choose the fish. It was very small.

I am sure it wasnt more than 500/600gr also because in our hot pot there was just a few bites of fish. So after our lunch they wanted us to pay 354 for this fish. That means 1kg and 200gr. This is not possibile.  They didnt weight it. They even said to Rowling that the fish was 1kg and 500gr which it is not true. As our budget was only 140 Rm we couldn't pay the rest. So Rowling paid the rest. She has been very nice but I guess you need to be careful with them. This is just a suggestion.

I hope this help.

I will write some nice comments + pictures on the website as soon as I download all the pictures I took :-)


About TIbet.. yes, it is in our plan.

I have just a few question.

Do you arrange everything for the Tibetan permit? How does it work?

Also, How long does it take and cost the train from Chengdu to Lhasa?

Or, is it possibile to reach Lhasa by car going from Lijiang, Shangri-la and then Tibet?


I dont know the dates yet but I will try to confirm them soon.

Many thanks for your help and thanks again for the wonderful tour!