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Everything went so very smoothly

Name: Mr. Ronald Olson

Nationality: American

Date: May 03, 2012

OP: Wenny

Feedback on 22th April:
Thank you, Wenny,

Our first day in China was very well organised and interesting - Great Wall, Jade Shop and Silk

Shop. Our guide was excellent by the name of Justin. Tomorrow we will be collected early in the morning again for a

tour of Central Beijing. All is going very well and my sister and I are happy.

Everything is going extremely well and the tour guides have both been very well-informed and helpful.  I have purchased a very beautiful jade braclet and herbal medicines from two of our shopping stops on the tour.

Thank you,
Kind regards,

Feedback on 3rd May:
Hello Wenny,
Yes, we are back in Calif. after a wonderful travel experience in China.
Everything went so very smoothly
with excellent guides (Sizy and Jolin were both so very nice).  I was very impressed with the organisation of our tour.  There were absolutely no complications about pick ups at airports or train stations or days out touring - A JOB VERY WELL DONE!!!!!!
My sister and I discussed one possible alteration that we would make if we were to do it again.  
That is, as there were so many sites to visit in Beijing, we could have used an extra day there and one less in Shanghai.  The 2 days in Xi'an was just the right amount of time.  I returned from this trip with a much greater appreciation for your country and it's amazing growth.
Again, many thanks on behalf of my sister and me.

Ronald Olson